V. Manhas


I write messaging and positioning to share the vision of your company with your audience.


I setup mar-tech to allow visibility into how users interact with your business.


Every B2B SaaS business has a different need.

Things I do in Product Marketing

Throughout my 5+ years of career, I have worked with B2B SaaS products and below are some of the things I do in PMM.

Messaging and Positioning

Putting across what your product does is important for your target audience so that they can understand the value of your product and understand how you are different from others.

Your messaging is what they see and should be able to have an impact or at least entice them to know more about your product.


Your website is like your storefront or your salesperson. They will either enter the shop and talk to your salesperson or just walk away.


If they don't understand what you are offering there is no reason for them to enter your store.

Make sure you got your product front and center for them to try(Exception for Enterprise only products). 

Product Onboarding

You got them into the store and now they want to see the product. Put it front and center. Show them how it works. Provide them ample information on how to use the product. 

You can take a step ahead and create a WOW effect for them. But show them how to use it. Don't be absent, try to engage with the user as much as possible before they loose interest.

Makes sure they see the value of the product as soon as possible. Don't make the walk across the room through a labyrinth to show how a lamp works.


Just show how it works! If they wanna buy a lamp, they will consider it.

Sales Enablement

If you send out your salesforce without equipping them with the right tools to sell. It becomes rather damn hard to sell. Not just that, if your competitors are using snipers you cannot send out your solders with sticks and stones. They might be able to win a few customers but your business would lose the war.


Going to the market is one of the most important parts of your business. This happens when you have answered the following:

  • Who are the target audience and their persona?

  • Which underserved need is the product fulfilling?

  • Where can you find them?

  • Do you have enough happy customers?

  • What is the buying process of the audience and who are its influencers?

  • What is the pricing strategy?

And then some more

Outside of PMM

  • Product Management

  • Customer Success

  • No-Code Process Automation

  • A few side projects

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