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How to make a GIF with Stock Vectors, Sketch and GIF Brewery 3?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I have been using Icons8's Vector Creator, Sketch and GIF Brewery for a few years now but never thought they can be used to create good looking GIFs.

Awesome Illustrations by Icons8 Vector Creator

You can quickly make the frames with such resources

Export the scenes with different elements you need for different frames and add them to sketch to add custom work if needed.

Once done with the changes. Select the option to stitch images and videos. Add the frame delay (I used 0.2s) and get a video that you can directly convert to a GIF in the GIF Brewery App.

I made a few more if you like.

It's is pretty easy to create hi-fidelity illustrations to quickly get your marketing websites out with the Vector Creator. I highly suggest this for entrepreneurs and encourage very early age Start-Up founders to ask their teams to use it.

I am working with a fellow marketer on a list of resources like Icons8. Subscribe to know when it comes out.

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